VII Science & Technology Film Festival

20–29 October 2017



  • q+a

    Inquest of Pilot Pirx

    Marek Piestrak

    USSR – Poland

    The story goes as follows. UNESCO decides to evaluate a new technological invention and entrusts this important mission to spaceship pilot Pirx, who has a reputation of a respected and uncorrupted individual. With a mixed crew consisting of robots and humans, Pirx must take a dangerous flight to the rings of Saturn in order to test his crew in extreme conditions. During the voyage, Pirx tries to identify the robots among the crew members, but it turns out to be harder than he thought...

  • Pre-Crime

    Matthias Heeder, Monika Hielscher


    To what extent should we trust crime-prediction policing algorithms? Should the police system use the data collected for targeted advertising? Where is the boundary between public security and total state control?

  • Chasing Coral

    Jeff Orlowski


    Coral reefs are huge colonies of living organisms that can be seen even from outer space. In essence, this visually captivating and shocking film is about extinction.