VI International Film Festival of Science and Technology

Moscow 20-30 October 2016


The Grand Jury Prize of Festival 360 was awarded to Marc Schmidt's «The Chimpanzee Complex»

Other awards went to films «Drone», «The Epic of Everest» and «Waiting for waves and particles»

The jury of the 5th International Film Festival of Science and Technology 360° returned with a verdict! The Grand Jury Prize goes to the creators of «The Chimpanzee Complex» (directed by Marc Schmidt, Switzerland — The Netherlands). The film won the Prize because it got «the uneasy glimpse into the place and role of man in this world».

Marina Razbezhkina, Chairman of the Jury:

«It is a very interesting movie, which does not insist on anything. It asks a lot of questions to which no one has been able to give an answer. And it raises some really «uncomfortable» issues».

The Special Jury Prize went to the film «Drone» (director Tonje Hessen Schei, Norway — USA). This documentary has been chosen for its «reflection on the boundaries between game and reality, freedom and security».

Why does military authorities invest money in computer games? Because child-gamers make the best drone operators. Sleight of hand and no idea of death. The game is no longer a game, but death remains death.

Philip Dzyadko, member of the Jury:

«I am grateful to the organizers of the Festival for every film. All of them are really inspiring. We know so little about the world, about the Earth and its neighbors. The idea that science can be so powerful is mesmerizing».

After the screenings the viewers had the opportunity to discuss the films from all sections of the Festival program, not only from the competition program. «The Epic of Everest» got the People’s Choice Award by a large margin in vote. This unique film shot in 1924, now is restored and enhanced with an orchestral soundtrack by Simon Fisher-Turner.

The Media Jury has also come to a unified opinion. It has chosen Dmitry Zavilgelsky’s film «Waiting for waves and particles» for its contribution to the popularization of science and the future of documentary films.